Auburn California Wedding Photographer

Grass Valley California Photographer ~ Monterey Wedding

I first met Eric and Reut at a coffee shop in Oakland. The three of us hit it off right away…almost as if we had known each other for years. We talked about everything from travel to sports and eventually ended with their wedding plans. I could tell that they had a deep love for each other and a zest for life.  When they first told me about their plans to get married on a beach in Monterey I got really excited. It was going to be my first wedding on a beach and photo ideas started filling my head. One of the ideas that excited me most was a sunset picture of Reut and Eric on the beach. The coast is always a little unpredictable, I was worried it was going to be foggy…lucky for us the sun peeked out at the end of the day and gave us the treat I was hoping for.

Wedding Ceremony: Berwick Beach, Monterey, California

Wedding Reception: The Gatherings Pacific Grove, California

Bonfire: Carmel Beach, California

phone ~ 530.906.1080

email ~

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